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Beginner Series Workshop and Classes

ATTENTION NEWBIES!!! Have you or someone you know wanted to experience the amazing physical and mental healing power of yoga but don’t know where to begin? Well, we have a special beginner series starting 9/17/22. Take just the workshop or sign up for 4 consecutive Saturdays building your knowledge and skills on your mat. There will be a 90 minute workshop that covers everything from props to poses!!! Followed by 3 follow up yoga classes (60 mins) specially designed to build basic yoga poses and flow. 


Classes led by Leslie Dolan


Saturdays:  9/17 11:30-1p (workshop)

                     9/24 11:30-12:30 (class) 

                     10/1  11:30-12:30 (class)

                     10/8  11:30-12:30 (class) 

Beginner Introduction Workshop ONLY - $49.00

Beginners Follow Up Classes ONLY - $50.00

Beginners Workshop and Follow Up Classes - $99.00

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