Class Descriptions

Big Mood Monday

Heated Yoga - 60 minutes

Start your week off on the right foot or maybe the left foot?  Ok, both feet to get grounded. Use this fast paced musical motivated heated yoga class to get balanced and find peace to set up for the amazing week ahead of you. 

Woke Wednesday's 

Heated Yoga - 60 minutes

Use your morning to open your mind and prep your body and soul for hump day. This mid week heated yoga flow will help you focused and stay woke. creating a wave of positivity to ride out the rest of the week.

Rollin with my Omies

Heated Yoga - 60 minutes

Hit your mat with your omies for this beautiful heated yoga flow. This class will have the perfect ying and yang balance. Enjoy the energetic yoga flow of this practice while creating strength in your body thru challenging poses. You are strong inside and out!

Get Lit Sunday's

Heated Yoga - 60 minutes

Imagine if Buddha met Al Green...Well, that's Get Lit Sundays. Enjoy this candle lit yoga flow merged with mindfulness, movement and super soulful music. This heated yoga practice will deepen ones connection to mind, body and spirit...and if that doesn't happen at least be ready for your next life on soul train. 

Basic B!+<# Hot Yoga

Heated Yoga - 60 minutes

Grab your mat and do some yoga.


Heated Yoga - 60 minutes

What better way to start your weekend of with our amazing "Rise Up" yoga class. This energy evoking class will help you to rise up your mood, mind, body and spirit.

Afternoon Delight

Warm Yoga - 45 minutes

Have you experienced that afternoon lull? A good way to combat midday meltdown is a warm room with a good stretch and gentle movement. Here are 5 reasons to do lunchtime yoga:


1) It will improve your mood- It's a great way to wipe the slate clean and forget anything negative that happened this morning.


2) Improved mindless lunch munching-replace mid-day snacking for mid-day movement.


3) Improve posture- we spend majority of our day hunched over a computer. Yoga helps strengthen and lengthen the spine. Reducing pain in your neck, shoulders and back. 


4) Increases Mental Clarity- yoga helps calm your mind to help focus on tasks you need to complete when you return to work. 


5) Its a fantastic workout!-You get your work out in the middle of the day. So after a long hard day at work you can go home and relax.

Muscle up Monday's

Non Heated Bootcamp HIIT

45 minutes

Muscle up Monday's - Timed rounds and intervals using weights and body weight. Non-heated.

(Please bring a mat & sneakers)

Boyo Burn

Non Heated Bootcamp HIIT

45 minutes

This non heated class will consist of 3 min of strength training, 2 min of cardio and 1 min core work with multiple rounds to hit all muscle groups and leave you feeling the “Bottega Burn"

(Please bring a mat & sneakers)

Get Lifted

Heated Yoga Sculpt 

60 minutes

Help 'lift' your mood while you 'lift' weights. This class offers a power yoga flow which incorporates weights to increase the intensity. Sculpt your body while you strengthen endurance and create presence in mind, body and spirit.

Turnt Tuesday's

Heated Yoga - 60 minutes

Use this morning class to set your day up right. After flowing through this hot yoga practice you just might be turnt up for the remainder of your day.


turnt /tərnt/ adjectiveINFORMAL•US

Turnt is a variation of "turned" used only to describe when someone is excessively excited or prepared for the current event. In it's entirety, it can commonly be seen used as "turnt up," as in "turned up."

On Fleek Friday's

Heated Yoga - 60 minutes

On fleek means that something is on point. So what better way to start the weekend then off with a fun energetic heated yoga class to help get your mood, mind, body and soul "on fleek".

The Rewind

Heated Yoga - 60 minutes

This class consists of a hot room and hot music...the only thing hotter in this class is YOU. Move, sweat and detox to old school classics. You'll be asking your self pondering questions such as WWBD? (What Would Biggie Do?)

Hot 26

Heated Yoga - 75 minutes

Why is Hot26 so hot?....because practicing this system of 26 poses in a specific sequence can detox the body, build strength, flexibility and endurance. This heated class will help one gain better self awareness, balance, strength, self control, patience and focus. Perfect for building foundations for beginners and growing an advanced yogis practice. 


"You're never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from scratch"-Bishu Ghosh 

Wake n Bake

Heated Yoga - 60 minutes

Wake up and come to our hot yoga studio and "bake" under the infrared lamps. Start your day with what some have described as a natural 'yoga high'. This is the feeling of a relaxed, calm mind but energy and strength in our body.  

Hustle n Flow

Heated Yoga - 60 minutes

A combination of "hustle" and "flow" fused correctly, creates a distinct undeniable swag. One needs hustle in order to flow, however too much hustle can really cramp the style of the flow...but, a flow without hustle reaps no reward. This challenging physical practice paired with a vinyasa style yoga emulated the proper amount of hustle and flow. 

Heated Power Hour

Heated Yoga - 60 minutes

Wake up and come to our hot yoga studio and "bake" under the infrared lamps. Start your day with what some have described as a natural 'yoga high'. This is the feeling of a relaxed, calm mind but energy and strength in our body.  

(Please bring a mat)

Makin Barre Moves

Heated Barre Yoga

60 minutes

Makin Barre Moves is a yoga fusion based on a basic ballet style barre conditioning, combined with fun exercises and toning. The heated class is design to allow your inner spirit to move freely to upbeat music while you tone and lengthen the muscles at the barre and on your mat. All levels are welcome and no experience required!

(please bring a mat)

Barre Fight

Barre - 45 minutes

Looking for a new workout? Come try the new Barre Fight class. Combine boxing segments along with muscle sculpting Barre moves. Guaranteed to be a fun class like no other you have taken!

Pilates Barre Tabata

Heated Pilates/Tabata

45 minutes

Fusing traditional Pilates core work with the interval Tabata training method for complete body work out.