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About Bottega Yoga

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Bottega Yoga is an urban style studio by
the sea. The vision of the studio is
to incorporate the healing power
of yoga as well as the 
strengthening of fitness to
create a strong mind body
connection. Bottega is a
place of community where
you can be yourself and
feel supported. This is
fostered though personal
growth and connection
with others which blossoms
strength and courageousness. the hopes to becoming a 



   Bottega offers 30+ classes of heated
        and non heated yoga, yoga sculpt, 
           barre, pilates, TRX, boot camp  and other fitness classes.
                Our unique experience of 
                    practicing under infrared
                      heat has more physical
                        and mental benefits
                        than your traditional
                        heated classes. The 
                       schedule has variety
                        of options to meet
                       everyone's needs.
                    There is an eclectic staff to
                   create a unique experience
                 every time you visit Bottega   Yoga.                                       

Come and experience the detoxing effects of our mentality and physically challenging classes for yourself.

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